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We will help you select, recruit or hire qualified personnel.

What is our process of introducing candidates and employment?

Thanks to our experience and procedures that have been in operation for years, we are able to find the right staff for your company / project in a very short period of time. Our process is based on:
Based on the order form, we define the most important issues: the number of people needed, positions, project details, start and end dates, requirements, etc.
We operate in a multidirectional manner. We use the submitted CVs as well as the database of candidates. We are in constant contact with our potential, current and former employees. As a result, information about a new vacancy quickly reaches interested candidates.
At our workshop, we are able to test each candidate for a specific welding, grinding and assembly method. We check both practical and theoretical knowledge, including hull drawing for fitters.
Presentation of candidatures
After the selection of interested persons and a positive assessment of the work samples, the client will receive profiles of selected candidates along with the necessary documents (including welding certificates if recruitment is carried out for the position of a welder). In this way, the client can choose the best people for his project.
We are able to propose a number of solutions regarding the employment of candidates - from taking over all costs and formalities related to employment (as well as logistics), to assistance in finding the right people for a given position
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