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Quality Policy

Providing services in the field of prefabrication and assembly of pipelines and steel structures as well as services in the field of recruitment and personnel outsourcing, we want the logo of our company to be associated with us and our partners: PROFESSIONALISM, RELIABILITY AND TRUST. The mission of our company is therefore to ensure the comprehensiveness of the services offered and professional service in every scope of our activity, while minimizing the harmful effects on the environment natural and maintaining a high standard of occupational safety and health protection of our employees, and subcontractors.

We are committed to meeting the requirements and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of our business for the ZSZ company with quality, environment, safety and health protection in accordance with the requirements of the standard ISO 9001: 2015 and the SCC * 2017 / 6.0 standard and the implementation of the following goals:

nieustanny rozwój firmy

i umocnienie jej pozycji na rynku poprzez zwiększenie liczby klientów oraz osiąganych przychodów

stałe monitorowanie

realizowanych procesów dla zwiększenia jakości produkowanych wyrobów oraz świadczonych usług

pozyskiwanie nowych odbiorców

odbiorców wyrobów i usług firmy w kraju i za granicą, poprzez profesjonalne i indywidualne podejście do klienta oraz wysoką jakość obsługi już od pierwszego kontaktu
continuous development of the company and strengthening its position on the market by increasing the number of customers and achieved revenues
correct identification of the needs and expectations of customers and a reliable assessment of the possibility of meeting them
fulfilling the assumed obligations by providing personnel with the required qualifications on time and in the right amount
using customer opinions and adapting to their needs and requirements
flexible and quick adaptation of the company's offer to the changing needs and requirements of the market and the client
improving the qualifications of employees and subcontractors, including safe qualifications performing work and improving the conditions of the working environment
prevention of injuries, accidents at work, occupational diseases and potentially incidents accident
using employees' requests to improve the safety at work, and environmental security
preventing environmental failures and preventing environmental pollution
identifying and maintaining compliance with EC compliance obligations all areas of business
constant monitoring of implemented processes to increase the quality of manufactured products and services provided
continuous improvement of work safety conditions at workstations through use ideas and conclusions of employees and their commitment to health and safety at work
acquiring new recipients of the company's products and services in the country and abroad, through professional and individual approach to the customer and high quality of service from the first contact
This IMS Policy on quality, environment, safety and health protection has been maintained communicated within the organization and is available to the public.

We provide adequate resources and means necessary for implementation of the Policy, goals and set tasks. We declare our full commitment to the implementation of this Policy.

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